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CTF platforms

CTF Attack-Defense

Name Website Source Description Programming language Price
iCTF Framework [Website] [Source] CTF framework Python Free
tin_foil_hat [Source] CTF platform Go Free


Name Website Source Description Programming language Price
HBCTF [Website] [Source] Hybrid CTF platform Python Free


Name Website Source Description Programming language Price
ChallengeMe [Source] CTF platform PHP Free
ColdCore [Source] CTF platform, based on TJCTF platform, the new IceCTF platform Python Free
Christmas-CTF [Source] CTF platform, based on OpenCTF PHP Free
CTFd [Website] [Source] Easy to deploy CTF platform Python Free
CTFlex [Source] CTF framework with some unique features Python Free
DC416-CTF-Scoreboard [Source] CTF platform Elm Free
FBCTF [Website] [Source] Nice looking but heavy CTF platform PHP Free
FluxScoreboard [Source] CTF platform, with documentation Python Free
Google CTF Scoreboard [Source] CTF platform Python Free
GryphonCTF-Scoreboard [Website] [Source] CTF platform based on CTFd Python Free
HackTheArch [Website] [Source] CTF platform, using Ruby on Rails, has an official docker container Ruby Free
Henhouse [Source] CTF platform Go Free
IceCTF Platform [Source] CTF platform, based on PicoCTF Platform 2, the old IceCTF platform, now look for ColdCore Python Free
JS-CTF-Platform [Source] CTF platform JavaScript Free
Lucid-Dev CTF-Scoreboard [Source] CTF platform Python Free
Mellivora [Source] Fully featured CTF platform PHP Free
MITRE CTF Scoreboard [Source] Fully featured CTF platform Ruby Free
NightShade [Source] Simple CTF platform Python Free
NIZKCTF [Website] [Source] A Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Capture the Flag Platform (tutorial) Python Free
NODE_CTF [Source] CTF platform JavaScript Free
OpenCTF [Source] Easy to deploy CTF platform, has an official docker container Python Free
PicoCTF Platform 2 [Source] CTF platform Python Free
PoliCTF Server [Source] CTF platform Cplusplus Free
RootTheBox [Website] [Source] CTF platform Python Free
Scorebot [Source] CTF platform Ruby Free
SR-CTF [Website] [Source] CTF platform Python Free
TallyCTF [Source] CTF platform with OAuth2.0 and OpenIDConnect support JavaScript Free
Themis Quals [Source] CTF platform using Virtualbox and Vagrant Ruby Free
tinyctf-platform [Source] CTF platform Python Free
TJCTF platform [Source] CTF platform Python Free