Rawsec's CyberSecurity Inventory

An inventory of tools and resources about CyberSecurity.

Contribution Guidelines

Submitting changes

For development tips see the README file.

  • To add to a table or modify some content: Submit a merge request (MR)
  • Descriptions should be clear, concise, and non-promotional
  • Respect the format conventions
  • Write in English only
  • Fill the maximum you know about an item but prefer to let a field blank if you don't know
  • Don't submit deprecated or abandoned tools
  • Website and source must be the official ones, don't put one of those if it's non-existent
  • Add the language used to write the tool if you know it
  • Find the right JSON file in the data/folder and add your tool or resource, it's easy

Example of JSON data for a tool:

xample of JSON data for a tool

Format conventions

  • Templates are written in Pug, see the about page for the rest
  • Respect the number of columns in tables
  • Before submitting anything read the source code and do the same
  • Use EditorConfig to maintain some coding styles
  • Use pug-lint to ensure good pug coding style
  • Links name must be either [Website] or [Source], don't remove square brackets, don't forget the first uppercase letter
  • Description begins with a uppercase letter and doesn't end with a dot
  • Items should be sorted alphabetically
  • Never use spaces, use hyphen for classes or IDs, use underscore for filenames
  • For naming conventions read the code, there is too much to say but it's easy to understand

Reporting issues or suggesting enhancements

Please open an issue if you find anything that could be improved or have suggestions for making the website a more valuable resource. For questions see the F.A.Q.. Thanks!